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Commercial Professional Power Washing Services in Tyler, TX

One of the ways to ensure your residential space and business are in tip-top shape is to keep every part of it clean. This includes your outdoors, such as your deck, patios, and sidewalks.

Keep your home and commercial space happy and enhance their curb appeal with professional power washing services in Tyler, TX.

What We Do

Here at Firefighter Exterior Cleaning, we specialize in professional pressure washing and soft washing services. From sidewalks, patios, decks, and driveways to roofs and fences, our expert team ensures spotless results. Additionally, we offer chimney cleaning to tackle stubborn ash and soot buildup.

Spring Rain Gutters Cleaning Using Pressure Washer

Power Washing vs Soft Washing

While power washing and soft washing are effective and commonly used methods to ensure your home and business remain in pristine condition, there are differences between them. We make sure to educate our customers on their differences before they inform us of which services they would like to get. 

About Power Washing

Power washing, aka pressure washing, uses a high-pressure water stream to clean up dirt, debris, and other buildup from any surface. This is ideally done for hard surfaces, such as concrete, stone, and brick, as well as for removing grease and oil. It is not recommended to use pressure to wash your house or the roof. High pressure can cause damage to those areas. Soft washing is a more effective and safer technique way for those services.

About Soft Washing

Soft washing is gentler compared to power washing. It uses a lower-pressure stream of water combined with a special solution to break down and remove dirt and organic growth. This method is ideal for softer surfaces, such as wood, vinyl, and stucco, as well as for removing mold, mildew, and algae. It is the best method for house and roof cleaning.

Trusted Power Washing in Tyler & Lindale, TX

Your top choice for power washing services in Tyler, Lindale, TX, and the surrounding areas. At Firefighter Exterior Cleaning, we take pride in being the experts in restoring the exteriors of both residential and commercial properties. As a licensed and insured company, we specialize in a range of exterior cleaning techniques, guaranteeing to leave your space looking pristine.

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Trusted Power Washing in Tyler & Lindale, TX